General Safety Rules

Tuesday 31/08/2021 | News

  1. Sickness. Please DO NOT ENTER the grounds if you feel sick.
  2. Masks. Please use COVID protection masks, especially in closed spaces.
  3. Hands-Social Distance-Other Protective Measures. Please use the COVID instructions as noted on the various bulletin boards.
  4. Please by kind to other Park Visitors or Vouliagmeni Beach staff. In case of any improper or rude behavior to Beach staff or other customers or visitors, the management of Vouliagmeni Beach reserves the right to expel anyone (customer, visitor, etc.) from the premises.
  5. Protect your property. Please note that we are not responsible for anything (e.g., theft, damage or harm, etc.) done to your car or other vehicle and your personal things in it if you park in the parking lot across the entrance or within the grounds or on the street or the side-walk in front of or within the beach. Also, we are not responsible for your personal property while you are visiting or remaining, for any period, at the Vouliagmeni Beach.
  6. Swimming is allowed on the beach within the marked areas. Swimming is your personal responsibility. People who do not know how to swim should always be able to immediately reach the bottom of the sea and stand on their own two feet. Risky games at sea (e.g., dangerous dives) are prohibited. Do not enter the sea if you feel unwell or are full of food. Vouliagmeni Beach is not responsible for non-compliance with the rules of safe swimming.
  7. Noise. Disturbing the peace, including loud music or sound, is prohibited.
  8. Manage your pet. Please have the proper health documents for your pet and show them at the entrance. Always keep your dog on a leash and under physical control. Dogs are not allowed to swim. Also, please pick up and dispose of their waste properly.
  9. Tobacco Smoking. If you smoke tobacco, please deposit your smoke waste in the garbage bins and not in the sand or anywhere in the grounds.
  10. Display of marijuana or the use of illegal drugs is not allowed. Only prescribed drugs or other prescribed medical substances are allowed.
  11. No littering. Use trash cans.
  12. No weapons, firearms, or fireworks.
  13. The sale of goods and services is not allowed.
  14. There is no overnight camping of any kind allowed.
  15. Large gatherings normally require a permit.
  16. Do not attach anything to trees, bushes or structures.
  17. Climbing or removal or damage to trees, plants or structures is prohibited.
  18. It is forbidden to hang towels, beach dresses and other fabrics of any kind and size on the perimeter of the umbrellas.
  19. Fires and coals are not allowed.
  20. No feeding or fishing or disturbing wildlife.
  21. No boating without a permit.
  22. Tree climbing, tampering with trees, structures or bushes is prohibited.
  23. Sports activities are allowed only in the designated areas.